War Hero

A Welcome Home

In Brief

Team Trademark helps a war hero, Carl Cannon, fix up and sell his house. Having lost his wife, he needed dough to help pay for a nursing home. While away his house had been broken into and ransacked, leaving Team Trademark only a week to get it ready to sell, and for a ceremony honoring Mr. Cannon.

Make a Difference

Carl Cannon, War HeroA friend of Richard's approached him about a house that needed to be sold for a war hero, Carl Cannon. The profits were not big, and the risk was high. The house was in a run down area, making sales and profit possibilities thin. However, given the character of Mr. Cannon and his military service, Richard and Team Trademark took on the challenge hoping to find a way to make it a win-win.

Entering the less than desirable neighboorhood, Richard explained that someone would have to take the first step to turn things around, "the bigger the risk, the bigger the reward, and I like being a pioneer".

That's Nasty

Before Bathroom ShotTheir resolve was definitely tested upon taking their walk through the home. While Mr. Cannon had been away, someone had broken in and thrashed the place. The clean up efforts were more than they originally bargained for, and as usual, their time to accomplish the goal, was very short.

Nonetheless, they forged ahead, mapping out the plans to polish and repair the home for sale. The plan was to keep overall costs down but still make as many good cosmetic changes as possible.

Dan in Charge

Dan, with a few projects under his belt now, was assigned the task to coordinate the construction. Besides the incredibly tight timeline, Dan faced another challenge: two hats. He was still doing some work in sales. His time divided, he was unable to always supervise.

Bush Pull

Monster Bush PullA truck was used to pull out bushes around the house. Though it looked awfully efficient, it did not end so practically. The truck's transmission got shredded and it left the place on a flatbed.

Maybe Dan needed to top Richard's swimming pool acid toss.

Come on Bubba

The project went about as close to the wire as it possibly could have. It was looking quite scary for Dan for a bit, especially when Richard and Ginger described their take on the situation. Referring to Dan, Richard said, "my foot might not be able to fit up his ass because Ginger's stiletto is going to already be up there".


However, in the end, once again, teamwork prevailed, with many members getting their hands dirty: Ginger hit the power tools, Richard soiled his fingertips, Dan hugged porcelain and even Vance jumped in by doing a little painting.

Full Circle

A happy CustomerThis show ended with Richard following up with the new home owner. Down to the last detail, beauty.

The end of this episode left me smiling, and I thought, "now it's like they are really back". In previous shows, there was a level of introducing new fans to the scene. With this show, however, the soul and team spirit of Trademark took the lead. Last show, Dawn said Trademark was unique, this episode, showed it.

There are rare times when a company can choose to work for more than big wads of dough, and there times when a group of people can find a way to respect each other and make amazing things happen. Though certainly, there are always tough times and mistakes, there are also times to shine, and it's extremely rewarding to see the rare perfect moments captured and shared.

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