Trading Real Estate For Restaurants

You know that's 200%...

In Brief

In only a half hour, The Real Estate Pros welcomed in a new season, reviewed past drama, and explored the dreams of two men and the sacrifices therein. John Davis, Richard's brother and member of Team Trademark, decides to act on a long time goal, and learns of what he must leave behind to make happen.

Richard Still Stands

Richard DavisRichard. Back. YES!


An Empty Trademark PropertiesTime and time again Richard has emphasized that a major unique element of his show is the that it is "the real deal". Like, sorry A & E, no scripts, thank you very much. His tour of the office, once bustling, now silent, seems to validate his claim.

Richard has also emphasized that real estate is very much about cycles...there are up times, there are down times. It seemed oddly inspiring and hopeful seeing him show the down, walk through the down, and treat it like nothing but a new challenge.


Young John & RichardJohn Davis announces his decision to open a restaurant, leaving him unable to provide the same time, work and support to Richard and the rest of team as he has for many, many years. John faces the thrill and challenge to work towards a goal of his, though still seems to need his brother to show him he has to let go. Richard reflects on the depth of their working relationship rooted in both business and family.


John DavisRichard must meet with John to tell him that he cannot do both Trademark and his restaurant. It comes as tough news to John to face what he must leave behind.

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