The Keeper

Renovating a Rental

In Brief

Richard renovates the first property he ever bought.

The Team Project

BeforeThe work this episode was on Richard's very first property. He hasn't visited in quite awhile, and the property was in much need of some cosmetic work. Richard said he felt like a "slumlord", but it seems he was far from that title given structurally everything was there and working. Well, until Richard decided to demolish some windows.After

The property had four condo units, three of which were occupied, so will be upgraded later, as tenants rotate out. They did, however, give the full exterior a great makeover.

The property had once been home to Ginger in her intern days as well as John in his free spending of Richard's money days. After fixing it up, it would once again host a Trademark team member.

Scene Stealing Painters

The HouseGiven the as per norm quick turnover, Ginger was forced to make some hasty decisions on material choices. For awhile, there was grave doubt in her pulling this one together. The biggest doubt came from loyal man Carlos of Aponte Painting.

He pointed out the green stuff growing on the bricks, and the need to clean the bricks. After doing this, he felt the bricks looked really wonderful and it pained him to paint over them. But he did, and the result, given bad trim color, was so unimpressive, he and his team felt the need to resort to anonymity - turning their shirts and caps inside out, covering their trailer with a tarp, and Carlos taped over the name on his shirt.

Fortunately, the touch ups, served to make things look much better. Carlos commented that sometimes, until it's done, you really can't be sure it's all going to come together well.

Less Richard?

Thin RichardNot sure if it's the black shirt, or because I was watched Trademark on "Flip This House" before this episode, but does Richard seem to be getting thinner each show? If so, good for you Richard, keep that healthy look up.

More to Real Estate than Flipping

Richard stated that flipping houses is only part of what he does. Holding onto properties and creating value was another. Besides this show having much of the feel of his original series, I was glad to hear more about real estate in general from him. Finances as well, really, as he pointed out building assets is more important than bigger salaries.

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