The House That Wouldn't Sell

They're baaaaaaaaack!

Richard and Ginger return after way too long of hiatus. Cheers to The Learning Channel for bringing them back!

Reminds me of an old promo for the TV show Taxi, I believe it went something like, "Same show, better channel".

GingerIn the case of "The Real Deal" however, I'd say we get both a "better show and better channel". The first episode did a great job of introducing the team, and getting right to the core of it - crappy house with much potential.

Hmmm....did Ginger just change her last name to Investments to eliminate any confusion regarding her expertise?

In Brief

In this first show, trademark took on a house with icky stuff behind and below it. Water damage has caused mold, and floors needed to be replaced and the initial cause had to be repaired. This was the main reason they house had not sold and they picked it up. The icky behind is another story.

The Pool

The poolIt's amazing the new levels of "ewwwww" they find in these houses. This pool, which Ginger described as "pea soup", looked more like a bad science experiment than recreational diversion. And kinda made me wonder exactly where Ginger gets her pea soup.

Pool man soupBut the real hero in this episode as far as I could tell was Super Pool Man, who did end up taking a few mouth fulls of this delicacy. He needed to drain some water to repair a part, so said he'd take one for the team.

We already knew the ending

Probably not much of a spoiler if I mention the end result was a success, at least for the first show. I'm guessing there will be surprises ahead. The show did not disappoint in any way and seeing the team in action again was like the return of a buddy. Maybe it was the lengthy absence, but the show seemed much faster paced. Seemed very focused on the project at hand, and not so much on the people involved. Makes sense for an introductory show though, and still provided both entertainment and education.

I am so glad they are back, and wish them the best of success on TLC!

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