Team Trademark

Richard Davis, founder

Richard Davis
  • Graduated from Clemson University
  • 1990: had the inspiration for the Trademark Properties Business Model
  • 1991: started Trademark Properties on James Island
  • 2007: built a retail store front in Charleston as the National Trademark launching pad


Ginger Alexander, Investments

Ginger Alexander
  • Began as an Intern
  • Lived in one of Richard's first properties
  • Looks out for the boss
  • Displays extensive talents as a utility team player


Dan Tollens, Construction Coordinator

Dan Tollens
  • Began in Sales
  • Dipping into site supervision
  • Background in construction


Dawn Nosal, Project Work Coordinator

Dawn Nosal
  • Experience in site supervision
  • Manages large projects with excellence
  • Utterly kicks ass


John Davis, Commercial Team Leader

John Davis
  • Brother of Richard Davis


Lori Nolan, Residential Team Leader

Lori Nolan


Vance Sudano, Residential Projects

Vance Sudano
  • Long time friend of Richard
  • Skilled in plumbing and endless other handyman tasks
  • Coolest guy ever
  • Living a dream


Walt Flowers, Investment Valuation Coordinator

Walk Flowers



Behind the Scenes

Brainbox Entertainment: The fabulous company that produced the show.

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