Straightened Out

Flipping Larry

In Brief

Richard helps a buddy change his life and sell his house.

"We want to flip Larry Henebery"

Flip LarryRichard gets a call from his best friend in childhood, Larry, who is about to lose his house, and was looking for a way to leave drug use and bad habits behind.

Richard explained that Larry had bought the house long ago, and it had increased in value over the years. The value of his house, made it easy for Larry to take a large loan with the intention to fix it up, but instead, blew the dough.

Richard RaccoonBy the time Richard got involved, Larry had already moved out of house and was staying with his girlfriend, and a raccoon. For someone who doesn't seem terribly fond of furry creatures, they sure seem to like Richard. Larry, with great fondness for animals, would become both trainer of and trained by dogs. Richard's plan was to break him out of this past bad habits and head to obedience school.

Lasting Friendship

Young FriendsRichard would take his buddy up to his uncle's house for training, while Ginger and the rest of the team worked on Larry's house. The plan was to add 20k for renovations, get the house sold, and split the profits with Larry. As well as get him cleaned up and ready to get back to right with his life.

Hula Dude

Hula DudeThe house needed quite a bit of repairs, from raising the ceiling, to digging out dead things, to painting, backyard demolitions and landscaping. Ginger oversaw all these things with her usual efficiency. Her success and focus in her work was mirrored by Larry in his dog training.

Larry seemed a different man when he returned from the dogs, and seemed to be on track for good changes. He's shown towards the end of the show, with longer hair, and seemed to be reflecting back aways on the impact of Trademark's help. Let's hope that means the new habits have remained in place.

A Small Video Sample

Something I noticed in this show was a clustering of Richard speak. "At the end of the day" was said a lot towards the end of the episode. Really made me wonder if it wasn't intentional; given Richard's college buds and drinking games.

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