Stepping Up

Ginger at the Reins

In Brief

Episode two saw Ginger at the reins with a brand new partner in crime, Dan. Together, in Richard's absence, they needed to ready a house in the usual ungodly short amount of time. The house had a very stinky basement apartment, local crews had to be selected, and new life had to be added to an otherwise lifeless corner lot.

Let Ginger Have Some

Team Trademark It seemed to me the first episode was a bit more focused on the project than the people. This episode seemed a bit weighted on the people, and definitely, a prominate theme was teamwork. The two episodes together seem to balance each other well, both separately and together providing a good introduction to Team Trademark.

I found this second one more engrossing, and enjoyed the various shades of teamwork the episode explored, starting with the beginning of a flip - selection, and the many faces behind the choices.

In my experience whenever boss man runs off at the mouth about teamwork, or "being a team player" it comes off as banal corporate fodder. And even if the samples showed in this episode are all about ratings and sales fodder, the specific examples are still noteworthy.

The second example of teamwork I saw was the passing of authority to Ginger. It's one thing to tell some one to take the lead, but another thing entirely to tell some one to take the lead while boss man is absent. A lesson in true delegation, I hope others might learn from.

Ginger & DanAdding an additional challenge for Ginger was the introduction of Dan Tollens as Construction Coordinator, his first time in this role. They seemed to work together awfully well, both even bringing their mutts to the site, and equally saddened by the animals that has been left in the gross stench of the basement apartment.

College World Series

guysYet another reflection of teamwork came from Richard's Father's Day trip to the World Series. Little better symbol of teamwork than baseball, and as Richard said in the show, he was free to go since his team was working hard.

His trip touched on other kinds of teamwork as well - contributing to the family team, as well as the family's larger group of friends. As reflected in earlier shows, at that other channel, Richard doesn't seem too miserly at all in his sharing his good fortune with others.

You Go Dan!

catchDan really shined toward the end of the episode, jumping in to do some work himself, as we've seen Ginger and Richard do many times before. His efforts served to energize all working on the site, illustrating yet another aspect of teamwork - encouragement and support.

At the end of the first episode, I was just happy to see them back. After seeing this latest one, and the new dimensions added, I'm much looking forward to what else Team Trademark might have in store. I liked the quote from Ginger about everyone there being the ones who studied for five minutes before a test and got the highest grades. Combined with Richard's words last episode about needing "intestinal fortitude", the upcoming shows ought to be mighty interesting for this armchair flipper.

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