Richard And Ginger

Richard calls Ginger his right hand person.

Ginger has been with Trademark for many years, starting as an intern and soaking in the business.

It is known that Ginger and Richard share a love for various offerings from Coca-Cola, but beyond that, no official indication that they will one day be the next Mr. and Mrs. Hart.


The Speculations

There is fact, then there are the inquiring viewer minds. Richard wears no ring, though has refered to his wife as a doctor. Other sources, though questionable, report he is currently single.


The Older Guy for the Hot Young Woman Theory

More popular among those who think Ginger is hot, this theory proposes a raging hot sexual relationship between Ginger and Richard.


The Mentor Relationship Theory

The age factor creeps into this theory and suggests it is a purely intellectual relationshop wherein Ginger is Richard's young real estate grasshopper.


The Shatner Get a Life Theory

They are professionals doing an amazing job. That's all we really need to know, eh?



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