Replacing John With John

Hey John, I can see your restaurant from here

In Brief

One John leaves, another comes in to take his place. John Keener, long time pal of Richard and John, is asked to take on a role at Trademark. John Davis leaves his safety net behind to open his restaurant.

John John

John in the house

Richard brings John K into John D's office to ask him to fill in. John K is owner of

The Crab House and has been called on before for his restaurant expertise. Though lacking real estate knowledge and experience, Richard feels he's good for the position based on his connections, and being someone Richard can trust.

Empty Money Clip

Empty Money Clip

Free from his duties and paycheck from Trademark, John D faces the challenge of opening a restaurant and finding enough quarters to pay for breakfast (showing his empty money clip). Though entering a new phase of his life, he's quick to point out how his past experiences, and help from Richard, will be of value moving forward. Despite listing the multitude of problems, duties, expenses, risks, he still seems to keep this crazy calm presence about him.

Celebrating John's Passion

A toast to John D

Nice crowd in the place, and it gets both John K's and Richard's highest praise!


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