Open Letters

An Open Letter to Richard Davis and Team Trademark

Trademark Properties Starts Season Two of Real Estate Pros

Finally, after a long delay and a court battle with that other network, Richard Davis and Trademark Properties are back for Season Two of The Real Estate PROS on TLC!

Welcome back Trademark! You HAVE been MISSED!

Please use this space to share your thoughts with Richard and Team Trademark!

  • On 08.11.2015 Someone wrote:
    richard, ginger, john and the rest of the gang...really miss your show. i enjoyed your flipping houses, but also letting the audience get to know your partners and some of your private moments. i hope you can find a way to get back on t.v. i believe you all have something to offer and should be sharing it with america!!
  • On 04.03.2015 Michael wrote:
    i saw richard and ginger today at carowinds in charlotte nc. and they looked happy together. don't judge people for moving on. his show was great and my wife and i would watch again if they came back. he started the flip your house shows and all the spin offs copied his idea. don't blame him cause people over borrowed against their means. he did what so many other people dream of doing. so his business went under. it happens every day. richard keep doing what you want. you don't owe anyone. but we would like to see you on tv again.
  • On 03.09.2015 john wrote:
    so glad you finally left your 1st wife (the doctor) and married the rat faced girl.

    sorry to hear about the foreclosure of your business and all the money that your "fans" lost one their trip to charleston when you were hawking your trademark partners endeavor.

    wait.... no i'm not sorry.. like pt barnum said, there is a sucker born every minute!!
  • On 03.04.2015 Melissa Bell wrote:
    well well well.... i was just "browsing" wondering whatever happened to richard and the gang...loved the show and miss it (get tired of the other "scripted" shows.....good lord...can someone shut that scott yancey and his whiney wife amie up ??)....after seeing vance in a colts shirt...i mailed him colts super bowl champs shirt...loooong ago....c'mon back richard...i keep looking for you on the clemson football games....can't wait !!!
  • On 02.21.2014 sylvia m wrote:
    when will you be back??
    miss you guys.
  • On 01.12.2014 Stephanie Bennett wrote:
    i am interested to know if you are going to be doing homes in indpls. we are contractors and interested in doing some work for the show.
  • On 10.20.2013 Rhonda wrote:
    miss the show. it was fun to watch and see charleston and surrounding areas. great to see someone from the south on tv. really like richard,s big heart and how he helps people in need. we are big fans in nc.
  • On 10.20.2013 Rhonda wrote:
  • On 10.20.2013 Shelley mains wrote:
    i had 2 move after living in the same house for 11 years.
    its been very tramatic 4 me. i havent been able 2 get the new house put together.
    how bout u and ginger coming 2 me & flipping my house
  • On 10.10.2013 Jamie wrote:
    ginger had a great ass...
  • On 09.16.2013 bob haller wrote:
    i called trademark just the other day to inquire wether dvds are available. the person i spoke with said ginger was talking about that too, and she did marry richard. glad to report they are still in business:)

    i miss the show and hope that some day new episodes can be made.

    on a interesting note i stumbled on to a couple dish dvrs i own. they may have many of the old episodes, i just need time to check them out....
  • On 06.16.2013 Edward wrote:
    try their website again. who on earth are all these people who think "trademark properties is back?!?!" i myself saw their hq padlocked about 5 months ago during the middle of the day.
  • On 05.19.2013 Jerry Tijerina wrote:
    no one compars to richard davis.
    he is the real deal and the master mind in flipping properties.

  • On 04.23.2013 Sam & Liz, Roseville, CA wrote:
    richard and the trademark team are the best in the west and most talked about in the east. welcome back - you have definitely been missed. go clemson tigers! go trademarck!
  • On 04.22.2013 bob haller wrote:
    their website appears functional and their phone answers, i called late one night and got the voicemail system......
  • On 04.07.2013 Edward wrote:
    does anyone have a current photo of the padlock on trademark's hq on james island?
  • On 03.24.2013 Bob Haller wrote:
    i really miss the show, are the original episodes available on dvd? i visited the trademark offices years ago, sadly i didnt get to meet the cast, but the workers were friendly and helpful, they took my pictures in and around the office. as of last night their phones lines are still working:) hopefully their business will recover.

    bob haller still a fan pittsburgh pa.

    is the crab house sign still flipped? i ate there, nice folks great food:)
  • On 03.03.2013 Joan & Alan Crabtree. Helena, MT wrote:
    just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed your show flip that house when it was on! we've missed watching it. there have been lots of knock offs but we enjoyed your show most. hope to see you back on the air soon.

    joan & alan crabtree
    helena mt
  • On 02.18.2013 Ashleigh2k wrote:
    didn't richard have an affair with ginger & put her through college, since she worked for him at aged 20? and then he had to divorce his wife because ginger got pregnant? i hear they married in april of 2009, but 4 years later, don't know if they're still married or not... he's old enough to be her father, but since he's all she's known since she was 20, i guess he had a massively strong influence. i hope ginger is nice to the sons he had with his first wife... and i wonder what happened to trademark, since the offices are padlocked these days... maybe ginger got greedy & dipped into the assets now that she married the boss (after getting pregnant) and had a kid with him...
  • On 01.25.2013 Mike wrote:
    interesting updates i see. if only someone could have seen that richard was a con man. oh wait, see my post on 7.22.09.........

  • On 01.22.2013 Erin Miller wrote:
    below is a link to the case in which it appears trademark properties' assets have been placed into a forced bankruptcy by its creditors.

  • On 01.21.2013 curious wrote:
    trademark properties' folly road location has a padlock on the front door. also, their market street location looks like its locked up. i googled it, and saw that their is some kind of foreclosure against richard davis and trademark properties. any comments?
  • On 08.20.2012 Don Pruity wrote:
    richard, we've missed you and ginger and the gang. please come back asap!!!
  • On 07.07.2012 Louanna Allen wrote:
    7/7/12 richard and gang so glad that you are back - have watched all your previous shows over and over when ever they were shown - hope you soon come back to tlc -have sorely missed you - have relatives in hartsville,sc so am really interested in what you do and enjoy seeing you take a property and make it beautiful in that great state. hurry back!
  • On 05.26.2012 Vivian wrote:
    my daughter just bought a foreclosure. it just needs appliances. she is lucky. i am a appraiser and there are so many in terrible shape. i know people who want to get into investing in them but don't know how to get started because they have the money but need a guide on the repairs. richard could show them! now would be a great time to for his group. you can buy forclosures at a bargain and use them for rental properties. i loved watching richard and his team and know others liked the way he rehabs.
  • On 05.09.2012 bert cain wrote:
    richard crew. sure missed your show that showed me the way back to baseball and a fan of josh hamilton now what about a follow up or has fame killed the friendship? best to all
    bert cain
    fort wayne in.
  • On 04.28.2012 Gayla wrote:
    i am trying to look up tlc's schedule looking for you guys. please keep us informed of whether you are with them or not. i love watching you guys. i am an rn and believe teamwork is what works. i like watching this with your group. "work family" is what you guys have there, besides an educational business and real estate show.

    if for some reason it does not work out with tlc try selling videos, ok trademark???!!!
  • On 03.17.2012 Shirlee Rogers wrote:
    just as everyone else has said...i have missed your show. i have not watched "flip this house" since you left. i do not know when your new show is on but will find it.
    best wishes on your new show. shirlee
  • On 03.06.2012 James T. wrote:
    is there someway to purchase the dvd of season 1? or the episodes from flip this house? you and your team are unbelievable and i miss watching the shows.
  • On 02.02.2012 marion wrote:
    richard davis you are truly missed!!!.when is your show on tlc.i can't seem to find it here in baltimore maryland.please find out and let me know
  • On 01.12.2012 Tom in Warsaw,IN wrote:
    when will your show be back? i have missed the trademark properties team. no flip show like yours. cannot wait
  • On 10.06.2011 Barbara Hanner wrote:
    so glad you are back. heard you on wccp regarding josh's story. what an inspiring message, as you said, of redemption.god is good all the time.blessings to you and your team!
  • On 10.01.2011 Bruce wrote:
    flip this house was one of the few shows i bothered to watch. so entertaining every week. great "characters" one and all. richard's antics, john's makeover and ginger's pumps were my favorites!
  • On 09.14.2011 Vicki Gautney wrote:
    richard and team trademark! you did it!! i am so unbelievably happy for you. your show taught me so much, and was such a saving grace for me during my bout with breast cancer. flip, was one of my favorite shows, i cried (just like i did when friends ended) when i heard it was taken off the air. i recently went through a terrible divorce and my life has change dramatically, so financially, i am unable to get but only the basic channels on cable, but i do so look forward to seeing your show in the hopefully near future. best wishes to you richard, and the whole team trademark crew, and thank you for all that you taught me!
  • On 09.13.2011 bunnies wrote:
    when is the shoe coming back to tlc? i have been watching for previews and not seen any.
  • On 09.08.2011 sylvia wrote:
    i haven't watched your new show, infact the last show i watched was "flip this house". that's where i fell in love with you guys. i watch all those shows,but i religiously watched when you guys came on. i wish i had known about this new show. i watched armando montelongo flip houses and how he has no pride in his work, doing cheap fixings just to sell the house.
    i love the way you care about the quality of your houses.
    my husband is a self contractor and he really gets into his work and makes sure everything is just right in the end of his project.
    thanks for a great show, you have alot of heart, we love you for that! god bless and i hope to catch up with the show soon. can you tell me when the next one comes on, i'm in the arizona time zone, thanks again,
  • On 09.06.2011 zulu wrote:
    ya man i sure miss sweet ginger and all the guys i hope the show does well and that your business is doing okay in the tough economy. ginger is a nice girl she needs her own show. peace southern brothers and sisters.
  • On 08.17.2011 Sharon wrote:
    so happy richard and team are back. this version of flip this house is the best!!!
  • On 07.05.2011 lisa wrote:
    i love these guys. i met them while i was down there. my cousin asked me what i wanted to do while i was in town. i said that i wanted to see trademark and davis. she told me i was crazy.
    i got my wish and an autograph picture of the team from davis himself. it was the highlight of my trip. i miss these guys and can't wait until the gag order is lifted. i would love to work for him. he would be a great leader. love y'all. lisa your biggest fan
  • On 05.10.2011 Eric wrote:
    i am very happy to read that you and your team are coming back on tv. my wife and i are from columbia,sc and we really loved watching your show. after you left the air, the pretenders took over and they just don't hold a candle to you r show. when does your show come on and what channel?
  • On 05.10.2011 Sheryl wrote:
    still looking forward to your return to tlc!!! please come back!
  • On 04.26.2011 Sandra wrote:
    when will the new shows be on tlc? i have really missed your show.
  • On 04.25.2011 Someone wrote:
    well i have no idea whats up. but i can tell you this, over 2 years ago i stopped at the trademark offices unannounced, although the cast wasnt there the receptionist was, i looked arund and they took pictures of me in and around their office:) i then left there and found the flipped crab house, it was wierd walking into a bathroom i had never been in but recognizing it. how strange. i had a delicious meal and am so glad i got to do that! it was a lot of fun!
  • On 04.23.2011 joann, north carolina wrote:
    finally, something decent on cable.
  • On 04.23.2011 joann and ron, North Carolina wrote:
    richard, we have missed your show. it was one of the few best on tv. glad you are back.
  • On 04.04.2011 Michael wrote:
    i love the team i would like to meet them in person someday
  • On 03.06.2011 Someone wrote:
    when will you be back and on what network tlc or discover?

    your show was awsome, stoped by your office while i was visting charleston s.c.

    looking foward to new shows,
    milw, wi
  • On 02.13.2011 Linda Wehrheim wrote:
    please let us know when you'll be back. you are my favorite real estate show!!!
    linda from virginia
  • On 02.12.2011 DIANN MOORE, MINERAL WELLS, TX. wrote:
    i'm so glad to know you are coming back. you are the best. you make me want to work for you. all of you seem to have a good time as well as caring for each other and others. i've missed you so much.
  • On 02.09.2011 Sheryl wrote:
    what happened to the rest of season two? i can't believe such a great show would be cancelled...
  • On 01.29.2011 Lisa in Texas wrote:

    can someone please tell us yes or no if they will be back? there is so little information out there on the web about any kind of return or why there were no more episodes made...its strange
  • On 12.25.2010 Walter Oklahoma City wrote:
    i hope you guy's return no one flips at the level that you guy's do.
    you guy's a quality & style to what you were doing
  • On 11.24.2010 Les & Lorrine wrote:
    we'd like to second what debbie & larry stolle wrote. after retiring from 30 years in the usaf i became a realtor. your show was just starting and was a great inspiration to me, along the same lines as "this old house". my wife even enjoyed watching; we're glad you're returning to tv.

    everytime i saw or heard of josh hamilton, i remembered the "baseball episode". you did a great thing there!
  • On 11.23.2010 Debbie & Larry Stolle wrote:
    dear richard,

    i suspect you'll never see this letter, but the wife & i wanted to write anyway. my wife is an interior designer in san antonio, & we have a family owned studio. we are general contractors, & remodeling is keeping us going in this poor economy. we were big fans of yours on "flip this house." after the network brought in the others from atlanta, and especially those arrogant, embarrasments from s. a., we stopped watching.
    we are a baseball family. both of our sons played college ball. we remember, vividly, your show, & contribution, to josh hamilton. today, josh was named mvp of the american league. we wanted to take a minute to thank you, for your belief in, and commitment to, this deserving young man. congratulations, on another successful rehabilitation......debbie & larry stolle
  • On 11.23.2010 Someone wrote:
  • On 11.21.2010 BuffaloGirl wrote:
    women know think they are smart, but when they figure it out it's too late. well, now we have horsey-face aka ginger latching on to her old hubby's $ - making sure she has him as her baby's daddy (bet your lil dog is history)..told my husband from day #1 ginger was doing the boss!
    fyi husband is 12 years older than me. not a problem when i was 29 and he was 41. you'll see and don't forget...once a cheater always a cheater. talk to the trump wives.
  • On 11.04.2010 MikeF wrote:
    i too miss the show. hope to see richard, ginger and the gang back on tv soon!
  • On 10.15.2010 LOL wrote:
    stick a fork in them.........they are done as far as tv is concerned. get over it folks. their last couple episodes a year ago weren't even about flipping.

  • On 10.11.2010 Kris Wilson wrote:
    met ginger at the trademark store downtown and she said that they may come back in january.
  • On 10.11.2010 Christine in Nashville, TN wrote:
    does anyone know if the show is going to return?
  • On 09.23.2010 Wayne Robidoux wrote:
    what happened to you, i came to charleston a few years go. i paid for the book richard was suppose to have ready but i still wait... you suck

    best of luck, i'm now in the nyc market and doing great by myself

  • On 09.22.2010 Debra wrote:
    have so missed your shows! they ruined flip this is not the same. i loved real estate pros! please come back! i check all the time to see if your shows on any t.v. schedule!

    greenville, georgia
  • On 08.19.2010 C. Reilly wrote:
    when will y'all be back on tv? your show is amazing and i have really missed seeing you both.
  • On 06.12.2010 SJ in CA wrote:
    lotsa love from california’s central coast!!! my mom & i really enjoyed watching your show, and hope that at some point, you will manage to find your way back onto television...& i hope it's sooner rather than later! i realize the current market makes it more challenging, but i’m confident you will find a way to rise to the top. you guys are amazing! =)
  • On 05.30.2010 Diane in California wrote:
    when are you coming back on air? i've been reading that you and your gang are coming back, but it doesn't say when.

    also in the group picture a few people are missing, what happened to vance? there are a few others, who due to my el draino braino disease i can't remember their names, but they were always in your episodes. will everyone who was in your original show be in the new show?

    hope to see you soon. you've been gone way, way too long.

  • On 05.29.2010 steve wrote:
    where's the beef?
    you been gone to long and looks like you dead and
    buried under one of you flips...
  • On 05.03.2010 Keith wrote:
    trademark! can't wait to see you guys on the tv again. i am nowing pursuing a career in real estate, when i retire from the navy soon, because of you guys! if there is any chance of, now that the law suit seems to be over, to purchase your season of flip this house on dvd/blu-ray, please let me know. thank you!
  • On 04.28.2010 Steffani Walther wrote:
    richard davis and his sidekick ginger only keep their verbal agreements when it is to their advantage. obviously they lack integrity in their real estate transactions as i have found out through my transactions with them. honesty is only a convenience to them. beware!!!!!!
  • On 04.28.2010 Steffani Walther wrote:
  • On 04.26.2010 North Carolina Girl! wrote:
    richard! hope to see you and your staff soon! we miss you!
  • On 04.21.2010 Someone wrote:
    so what happened with the radio show - it was on for like 2 weeks in dec and never came back on
  • On 04.17.2010 Deborah wrote:
    we only starting watching a&e flip this house because of your show. none of the other a&e flip shows are as entertaining and informative as your show. we didn't know that you were on tlc. we thought that a&e would realize what a mistake they made and would put your show back on! we really enjoyed your show!!!!!!!!!!!
  • On 04.14.2010 Ross in Oregon wrote:
    i'm not gonna "sugar coat" this message...get the hell back on television ....all the other copycat shows pale in comparison to yours...some i can't even believe they let on the air....
  • On 04.10.2010 LOLALOU wrote:
    richard i hope you and your gang come back to tv. i love your show. i live in ohio but love
    to see places in charleston that i have seen on vacations. i could easily transplant myself in your beautiful city. please come back to tv and flip some houses for us to see. we love you guys up here.
  • On 04.04.2010 Someone wrote:
    richard when are you coming back. both my husband and myself enjoyed tour show. hurry back soon.
  • On 03.10.2010 Susan S wrote:
    miss your show and wish you would be back soon with your whole team!!
  • On 03.10.2010 Beth - Ohio wrote:
    the show is not back on the air. tlc canceled the show and if you see any episodes on tv they are repeats not new ones.
  • On 02.27.2010 Katie B wrote:
    so when is the show officially back??
  • On 02.22.2010 James wrote:
    welcome back from texas!

    love the show and all your honesty.

    thanks for keeping it real!
  • On 02.21.2010 ann wrote:
    hope your back for good i love s carolina
  • On 02.21.2010 PDWinPDX wrote:
    welcome back from portland oregon. i just turned on the tv and there you were. fantastic. compared to other flip shows, you folks are the best! keep up the good work.
  • On 02.21.2010 sherri wrote:
    welcome back! love your show! real people who are honest, hardworking and care about others. no wonder you are so successful!
  • On 02.21.2010 Cindy wrote:
    glad you are back. of all of the "flip" show out there you are the only group that seems to work with integrity and honesty. as a real estate broker i enjoy your approach to not only the flip but your desire to improve your community. look forward to new shows soon.
  • On 02.21.2010 Mary from Bel Air, MD wrote:
    i can't believe ya'll are back!!!! television has not been the same without you! you have truly been missed. i just happened to flip a channel this morning and there you were. love all of you and love your show!!!! i'm so happy!!!!!!!
  • On 02.13.2010 Patt wrote:
    give it to me!! my husband loves the trademark team and so do i!! these guys make for good tv. tell me more about date, times and the funny antics of the trademark members!
  • On 02.13.2010 Tucker wrote:
    does anyone know the what year silverado larry drove in the episode straightend out. larry was richards best friend who lived with a racoon. i've always liked silverados and really like larry's. i'm thinking is an 86, if you know for sure let me know.
  • On 01.26.2010 LOL wrote:
    jar wrote "r & g's personal lives are nobody's business but their own, just as yours are."

    if you don't want your personal lives discussed don't continue to try and put your lives on tv. you and i know they did a lot of personal type stories whenever richard did a flip. if you put it out there then it's fair game in my book.

  • On 01.22.2010 jar wrote:
    this is the first time i have ever posted a comment on one of these sites and hopefully the last - r & g's personal lives are nobody's business but their own, just as yours are. richard is a tough business professional but is also a very caring individual who, despite all the nasty stuff written about him, has helped many people and given his personal time when he didn't need to. if you have something to say about him or have an anx to grind - send him an e-mail and stop hiding behind a message board like a bunch of wimps.
  • On 01.22.2010 happynow wrote:
    yeah, he is surely gonna miss the good ole days. i bet he is having a mid life crisis. it wont be anytime before he is treating ginger, as he did his wife of 18 years. sorry, for the guys who think of ginger, as anyone other than a money grubbing whore, who was looking for this opportunity. in the long run she will give him back what he has put out. he is definetly a douche bag.
  • On 01.22.2010 another1whoknows wrote:
    i have met the entire team of trade-mark properties; i don't believe any words from richard davis's mouth. his quote of, " it's the real deal". is poorly said. the real deal is not him, nor ginger. the real deal are the women, whom started and stood by him for all of these years. most all have been brain washed by him, and have had hard marriages because of his ever so convincing ways. i too, knew of his first wife, notably, a very lovely mature and highly educated woman. i bet she paid the bills, for richard's, excursions. many people, have paid for his excursions. he trys to play motivational speaker and stomp and say team work, he gets all the credit for his agents hard lives and work...,
  • On 01.21.2010 LOL wrote:
    ajs, this is typicaly trademark/richard behavior. he starts something then doesn't finish and leaves everyone hanging. he did the same thig with area partners who spent a lot of money to come hear his grand plan for expansions and then nada! communicaiton stopped and a couple thousand folks were left hanging.

    this guy is the ultimate snake oil salesman in my mind. you will not see him on tv anymore in my opinion..........
  • On 01.18.2010 ajs wrote:
    ok, so what happened to the radio thing? it was on for like 2 weeks and now zilch, nada and no information from tmp. are you ever consistant richard? do you even give a crap about some of your most ardent fans? if you did, you would be decent enough to take 30 seconds of your day to let us know. thanks for nothing
  • On 01.05.2010 Someone wrote:
    do ginger and richard every spend any time with the new baby or is it being raised by a nanny?
  • On 12.11.2009 pam wrote:
    richard and ginger host a live radio show every weekday morning between 9 and 10.
  • On 11.07.2009 pam wrote:
    the show isn't cancelled - a homerun for trademark is airing this week. tlc wouldn't do that if the show had been canned
  • On 10.15.2009 Someone wrote:
    a&e did not sack richard, he walked away when they refused to pay him. the message board is still active on the tlc sight so i don't think the show has been cancelled - ginger's pregnancy was probably a reason for the delay.
  • On 10.09.2009 lol wrote:
    if the show is cancelled, maybe , just maybe there is a reason that 2 networks have gotten rid of richard and his team..............

  • On 10.08.2009 Brenda B. wrote:
    well team trademark i suggest if tlc is going to cancell your show then find one who will put you back on. i think team trademark would fit right in at hgtv. you all have a lot of fans who miss you and the show. hope to see you on a network soon. a very sad fan!!!!!!
  • On 10.06.2009 Debbie H. wrote:
    the show has been cancelled?? why, so tlc can run more stupid shows like "my baby monkey" & "i didn't know i was pregnant"? i hope another network has the sense to pick this show up. what a shame!!
  • On 10.05.2009 Sue wrote:
    who can we call to get this show back on the air?
  • On 09.18.2009 Kev wrote:
    put ginger in a room with the heads of tlc and let her take dic tation. she’ll win them over like she did dick davis.
  • On 09.15.2009 Bev J wrote:
    maybe richard's next intern will have a better set of lips that ginger.
  • On 09.15.2009 LOL wrote:
    maybe richard will sue tlc

    how could tlc spin the "ginger was my intern, then my employee, then i got her pregnant and then we had a shot gun wedding" better just to let it die off...........

  • On 09.15.2009 Beth D. wrote:
    i e-mailed tlc as well and received the response that they are not planning on showing any episodes in the future. very sad. i loved this show. hopefully we will hear from trademark as to what is going on!
  • On 09.12.2009 Phil c wrote:
    well, we can all write letters but it will not do any good, they cancelled it before they even aired the 6 episodes, no promotion at all, poor time slot and didn't even repeat a single episode. and for tlc to not repeat something.... that is saying a lot. this site has stopped updating too. would be nice if they posed something on the trademark site, but i doubt they will. can try emailing trademark but they never answer. just plain odd, very odd.

  • On 09.10.2009 jimbob wrote:
    we really miss the show, they all feel like family to us.
    i wrote to tlc about when it will return, and they wrote back "we have no plans to bring this show back" everyone please contact tlc maybe we can change their minds
  • On 09.10.2009 Jerry & Sue Smith wrote:
    we met briefly in the atlanta airport. we chatted with you, ginger was in the ladies room. we were on the way to wilmington.

    caught the two new episodes, but now can't find real estate pros. what happened?

    j & s, spokane, wa
  • On 09.08.2009 Regina and Dave- Pittsburgh wrote:
    what happened to the real estate pros? i keep checking the tlc listings. i also went by the
    office in downtown charleston and saw it closed up. please come back to tv team trademark.
  • On 09.06.2009 Jack Welch wrote:
    has the show been cancelled? i can not find any new episodes or even mention on the tlc site. there are no episodes listed. my dvr cannot locate any as well.
  • On 09.03.2009 merrillmccarty wrote:
    i watched your show every week,and the re-runs too. iwish i could have met you in the beginning of your bussiness, i would have liked to work for you. not in the office, but in the just seem like you would have been a good boss,and the view at the office would have been a good thing too. i was lucky enough to spend some time in the south while i was in the army. i loved the people and the way of life,and although the only time i spent in the carolinas was 30 days in the swamps at camp le june, i still love the south. i miss the food. i'm glad you're back,can't wait to see the show again. merrill mccarty
  • On 08.25.2009 pam wrote:
    ginger is going to be a new mom which make this child #4 for richard.
  • On 08.25.2009 toni wrote:
    congrats on the wedding richard! way to finally make an honest woman out of ginger. i hope your kids like their new step mom, who is older your boys or ginger?
  • On 08.24.2009 srb wrote:
    i visited charleston recently and stopped by the office on market st. i found it deserted with mail and papers inside the front door like nobody had been there in weeks. what's up with that?
  • On 08.24.2009 JB wrote:
    team trademark should get off the tv. seriously. you continue to foster the notion of the false economy of turning real estate into something of a credit card. people actually used to have to live in their houses and remodel them themselves. this, of course, pre-supposed that someone bought a house to live in it long term. team trademark buys property on pure speculation in order to remodel and drive the price up to either someone who wants to actually live in the house, or another speculator. people please: stop flipping houses. stop spending and running up debt. start saving. if you'd like to know more go to youtube and search for peter schiff.
  • On 08.21.2009 Kim wrote:
    hey richard,the sod deal was the best! i am a nurse & have worked in the business/accounting industry also for years.that is something that i would of done! i want to come & hang with ya'll for a week!!! thanks,kim
  • On 08.20.2009 Pattie & AW Simmons wrote:
    team trademark,
    congrats! my husband and i are sooo glad to see ya'll back!!! we enjoy your show so much. i would much like to come to charleston sometime and work with you. my husband and i enjoy this kind of work so much and would have always wanted to do this in our neigborhood.
    just glad to see the original 'flippers' back!!!

    titusville fl
  • On 08.20.2009 trademark fan wrote:
    please, somebody put the old episodes on youtube!!!!! i would have bought the dvd from tlc, but they don't have them for sale.
  • On 08.19.2009 Kathy wrote:
    glad to see you back! imagine my surprise that my dvr caught your show. i thought you were gone for good so this is a nice surprise. shame on tlc for not doing any promotion and for the 7:30 timeslot. looking forward to the rest of the season.
  • On 08.18.2009 Jake A from Los Angeles wrote:
    wow!!!! the music in this new season kicks a$$. hats off to whoever is responsible for it. great new main title!! it really makes you guys look better. i'm looking forward to all the new episodes.
    ps.... ginger is hot!
  • On 08.18.2009 Ben.F wrote:
    i've been a fan since the first show but i must admit that this season is kinda lame.. all you did in the last episode is raise some money for a historical site.. which is commendable but not overly exciting and the show before that was painting a house and replacing the carpets wow never saw that before..!!! idk sorry richard think your losing your touch!!!!! i have personally met richard and the guys from ct from the other show..and i must admit the guys from ct are much more impressive in person. and they have an extremely well run biz..
  • On 08.17.2009 Ed wrote:
    you guys started it all!!! finally back...thank goodness!!! please keep'em coming...
  • On 08.16.2009 Greg wrote:
    finally getting professionals back on the job,this will be a pleasure to watch and learn from. good job thanks forg coming back
  • On 08.12.2009 Greg Chamberlain wrote:
    i missed you on tlc 8/11/2009 when will you be back on. your program is very intertaining and educational. thanks, greg chamberlain
  • On 08.08.2009 Julia wrote:
    yay! i am so excited that ya'll are back on! you have been greatly missed. i can't wait to watch.
  • On 08.08.2009 Jenn Gerald wrote:
    i was so thrilled to catch by accident, your newest episode! i thought you guys were never coming back.... love your show...all the 'wanna be' shows pale in comparison and we never watch them....boring. your team is amazing and the chemistry as awesome. i used to live there and miss it so much! i look forward to the episodes and seeing familiar scenery! good luck with rita's...i will be sure to visit next time i am in town!!!

  • On 08.08.2009 Ken in Toronto wrote:
    woo hoo you guys are back! love the show and shenanigans that come up, but best of all, love the team!
  • On 08.02.2009 Judy wrote:
    we went to rita's today and we were really pleased with the food, service and conversation with john. we will come back again and wish him lots of luck with his new restaurant
  • On 08.02.2009 Judy & Joe-Chattanooga wrote:
  • On 07.30.2009 Randy wrote:
    i am so glad your show is back. i complained to
    tlc when your show stopped production. i have watched every show. your company is the real deal!
    real estate investing on steroids!! i love it.
  • On 07.30.2009 Kevin wrote:
    finally you guys are back. i wondered what the heck happened to you guys. you hooked me on fth and then you were gone....finally found you again on the real deal and then gone again for a while. was shocked when i saw my dvr recording something and i had no clue what was recording. i looked and it was new real estate pro's i was a happy camper again. keep up the great work i love to watch your team. it has inspired lots of work around the house though.....
  • On 07.29.2009 George wrote:
    really missed the show.. thank goodness its back.. keep the shows coming !!!!!!!
  • On 07.29.2009 Irene wrote:
    i found ya'll on accident the other night on is great to have you back. i was wondering what happened. i saw the tail end of the show so i will be tuning in. congratulations, great that you fought the good fight...and won!!!! isnt america great!!!!!!!!!
  • On 07.29.2009 Tamryn Mihaylo Hynes wrote:
    greetings ya`ll..... from oregon....

    life is back in motion now that richard and the crew are back....

    my family came out from oregon (all 6) just to visit but we were too late in the day in 2008.

    we watch live and dvr all episodes. never can get enough!!!

    best show hands down....

    go clemson &
    good luck team trademark!!!!!!

    hynes in oregon x6 :)
  • On 07.28.2009 Molly wrote:
    i found the new show by accident. there was no announcement that rep was even starting another season. and, worst of all, it is on at 7:30 in my area...way too early.

    the show seemed stiff and a little contrived, but i think that will get better as time goes by and richard gets back to his old self.

    i am totally glad you are back, richard and the other guys/gals. they are like family.

    we do need an hour-long show like before. thirty minutes just does not do the show justice.
  • On 07.28.2009 Chris.F wrote:
    i'm sorry but i have to agree with mike on this one. i'm still a little bitter about making a last minute trip to charleston in the summer of 2007 to attend an event that was half-assed at best..i have respect for richard and his team but leaving 2500+ people that attended the event in the dark about what was ganna happen with the area partner program was b.s. we all took time out of our personal schedules to come hear you. i think you owe us all an explanation as to what happened...!!!!

    pissed off in ct!!!
  • On 07.27.2009 Ginger Lover from Canada wrote:
    i am in love with ginger!!!
  • On 07.25.2009 Roy and Adrian wrote:
    my husband and i are psyched to see you on again! we were charleston/summerville residents during your first shows and have been in love ever since. welcome back and happy building :)
  • On 07.24.2009 Grant & Melinda wrote:
    my wife and i are glad you are back. we missed your show.
  • On 07.23.2009 cindirelli wrote:
    richard, still looking better than ever! welcme back!!!!
  • On 07.23.2009 Rodney Mount wrote:
    welcome back trademark. enjoyed the show last night. when john mentioned that the site of his new resturant use to be a bowling alley, i was reminded of so many wonderful memories of times spent at that bowling alley during my teen years at folly beach. i was somewhat disappointed that the new show was only allowed one-half hour and i had to wonder why tlc made absolutely no attempt to promote the show in the days before it aired like it did for every other new show on tlc.
  • On 07.22.2009 Mike wrote:
    i’m sorry i had to laugh at this:

    “you were so professional and organized”

    professional would be communicating to the 3000+ people that showed up in charleston 2 years ago about the status of the area partners. trademark has left 3000+ hanging for over a year with no updates and no refunds that were personally guaranteed by richard in july 07 if there was not an area partner in the state that you traveled from.

    organized? if you attended that meeting in july 07 you would know that was far from organized…….

    to put it in trademark terms “you are only as good as your word”. how good is your word richard?
    tv can be deceiving folks.

    they only show what they want to show to make everyone look “professional and organized”.
  • On 07.22.2009 heholloway wrote:
    we sure are glad you are back on, hope you and john can work out the trademark/resturant situation would like to see both resolved. i hope you return to an hour long segment.
  • On 07.22.2009 Don wrote:
    great to have trademark back. i just wish the shows were a hour long just like previous seasons to much material to cover for a half hour show.
  • On 07.21.2009 tex wrote:
    i didn't set the dvr, just knew that i'd be home. you guest it. work got in the way. when will this show air again?
  • On 07.21.2009 Andy wrote:
    you were so professional and organized, more so than the "others" who shared the other network show with you. i am so excited to start watching again. i tried watching the "other" shows but i could not stomach a whole episode. they are very self involved and corny. you guys are the best.
  • On 07.21.2009 Judy & Joe-Chattanooga, TN wrote:
    we are so glad to hear your show is back and congrats on winning the lawsuit. we have watched every show at least 4 times. keep up the good work.

  • On 07.20.2009 Someone wrote:
    that clue was way too easy richard!! another hint: follow folly road - and no, i have never seen it except in a photo,
  • On 07.20.2009 new england fan wrote:
    my husband and i love the show. it is great to watch a group with a strong work ethic and great sense of humor. we have missed you and we are so excited to have the show back. the impostors were too painful to watch. congrats!
  • On 07.20.2009 Someone wrote:
    happy to see you back
  • On 07.20.2009 Mike wrote:
    we've missed you!
  • On 07.20.2009 dg wrote:

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