Liquidation Sensation

Liquidation Sensation

A report on the event:
"despite the lack of bids, Davis said he was satisfied.

The auction sales didn't count what his real estate company, Trademark Properties, sold before the event, he said. And it doesn't include any deals his agents might work out in the next few days, as some sellers decide to lower their prices even more or as investors regret not bidding, he said. "We're still putting the buyers and sellers together," he said. "We might not get a bid in 38 seconds, but you plant a seed in 38 seconds."

Real estate auctions are supposed to help move properties during a slow market because they link desperate sellers, who willingly discount their price below its current listing, with qualified buyers and investors, who know a good real estate opportunity when they see one. Davis, host of "The Real Deal" on the TLC network, said his auction helped generate interest in South Carolina real estate and create some much-needed momentum.

Still, he likened the scene inside the hotel's ballroom to a school dance, where youngsters on either side of the room want to kick up their heels but no one is gutsy enough to make the first move."

E-mail Update

a note from Trademark
Hey Guys!

I hope everyone is doing great! We wanted to give you a sneak preview on what's going on this season! Here is a password for you guys to " VIEW ONLY" the inventory of the initial "Liquidation Sensation" .

We have had an unbelievable response to this and have been overwhelmed with coordinating this event just based on the sheer volume submitted within the few weeks we allowed submissions.

You can log on through

Username: auction Password: lssc5

See you soon!

Ginger and Team Trademark




Overwhelming Response to Inaugural Trademark Properties Liquidation Sensation Event

a follow-up press release from Trademark Properties


CHARLESTON, S.C., March 11 /PRNewswire/ -- Due to an overwhelming response, Trademark Properties has teamed up with 4 financial institutions for this month's upcoming Liquidation Sensation event. Three weeks ago Richard C. Davis, founder of Trademark Properties and creator of "Flip this House" and "The Real Deal"/"The Real Estate Pros" announced his newest venture.

Liquidation Sensation is a series of auctions being held across the nation which offer real estate ranging from currently listed assets, Bank Owned REO assets, builder surplus inventory, vacant land, commercial real estate, and developed lots. Davis says, "When you have all types of real estate in one venue, and no differentiation between which types they are, it takes the stigma off of the distressed assets and allows them all the opportunity to go for top dollar of what the market is willing to pay." Trademark was overwhelmed the last 2 weeks as they kicked off their first event in South Carolina. They initially set their goals high at $100 million in volume. Richard notes, "At this point we are sifting through close to $200 million of inventory and we have a waiting list for others who didn't sign up in time. This is way more than we were expecting and prepared to handle on 3 weeks notice, so if there were any buyers in the state of SC that were worried there wouldn't be enough properties to get excited about, they need not worry. This is an obvious stamp of approval of these types of events from the selling side, reinforcing that now, more than ever, is the time to buy." Due to the steep increase in volume, Trademark Properties has decided to push the date of the event back from March 14th to March 28th. Davis says the set up will be very similar to the RTC "Ballroom" auctions held in the early 90's, properties from all parts of South Carolina, but with the added benefit of internet bidders online. This is Trademark Properties' way of getting involved to cleanup the sub-prime mortgage fiasco one state at a time.

Additionally, Wachovia, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and Synovus Mortgage Corp/NBSC have teamed up as preferred lenders. For buyers who use any of the 4 lenders noted here, the $500 application fee will be waived. Buyers are instructed to sign up on the website,, and the auction will be both live and on the web simultaneously for those who cannot attend. According to Davis, "The sub-prime brokers and relaxed credit qualifications are what falsely stimulated the real estate market and left us with an over supply of inventory. We are teaming up with actual banks and credible financial institutions to lend money to people who can qualify the old fashioned way. The cautious buyers who save for their down payments, and realize that real estate is not something you put on your credit card at the mall, are the ones who will benefit by picking up undervalued assets at these events and building their net worth because they didn't get caught up in the feeding frenzy of the last couple of years."

Davis says, "We have had our entire valuation team analyzing each property to insure that there are just as many deals for homeowners as there are for investors."



Trademark Properties Liquidates America's Real Estate Crisis with a Series of Fortunate Events

a press release from Trademark Properties


CHARLESTON, S.C., Feb. 21 /PRNewswire/ -- In a bold move that shows courage, leadership, and vision, Richard C. Davis, noted real estate expert, has unleashed an aggressive assault on the gridlocked real estate economy in the United States. Davis founded nationally recognized Trademark Properties in 1991 on the heels of the Savings and Loan debacle that led to the creation of the Resolution Trust corporation (RTC), for the singular purpose of liquidating the billions of dollars of real estate in the late eighties and early nineties.


Davis, who created the hit series Flip This House and followed it up with The Real Deal/ Real Estate Pros, has unveiled his plan of action. He and his team are taking the show on the road with LIQUIDATION SENSATION, a series of real estate auctions intended to rid the market of the excess inventories of builders, financial institutions and other property owners who want to quickly convert their real estate into cash.


Banks, insurance companies and national builders all have excess inventories of real estate on the heels of the sub prime fiasco and the slow down of home sales in 2007. This series of sales events across the country is designed to put liquidity back into the local economies by exposing these assets to a much broader buying audience than previously possible, by combining the local physical auction with a real time simulcast to internet buyers who have cash and are looking to place it in real estate. These buyers are shrewd and "liquid." They understand that Liquidation Sensation is providing a great buying opportunity at the perfect time, in a real estate cycle for highly motivated sellers and opportunistic buyers to be brought together.


Davis estimates that 10% of all existing "for sale" properties would qualify for this type of quick conversion in today's slower real estate market.


"This isn't all things to all people, this is taking the excess inventories that are clogging the pipeline of a healthy Real Estate economy, so that buyers and sellers can come together to stimulate the market. Opportunistic Buyers have been waiting for the right time to buy," Davis says. "NOW is officially here, and LIQUIDATION SENSATION will be coming to a real estate market near you soon!"

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