Life's Little Surprises

Revisiting Gus

In Brief

Gus revisited. A man Richard tried to help, was unable to uphold his part of the deal, so Richard had to take his losses and end the arrangement.

"Right on the edge of being a sucker"

Gus and RichardIn an episode on Richard's previous series, "Flip This House", they bought a house that came with someone in it, Gus. Rather than throw the guy out, Richard tried to make a "win-win" arrangement out of the situation. He fixed up the house, and allowed Gus to remain as a tenant.

Unfortunately, Gus was never able to pay rent for over 12 months. Richard took partial blame for the mounting bills, as he had failed to follow up and keep closer tabs on Gus. When they did talk, it was decided that Gus would sign over a classic car to Richard as sort of deposit on future payment. The financial value of the car was less than the money owed, but Richard thought the sentimental value of it would encourage Gus to make good on his debts.

For whatever reason, however, Gus was never able to make any kind of payment. In efforts to "look out for the boss", Ginger began and completed the eviction process, and Gus left the house as requested.

Go Team!

House BeforeThough the house had been cleaned up and fixed a year or so earlier, Gus still left it in much need of repair. Initially, Ginger walked through and began a clean up process with Carlos, of Aponte Painting. Her duties called her elsewhere, and while she was away, Richard found out what she was up to.House After

Though Richard had not known about the eviction, he knew it was the right thing to do, but did not want to make even more of a burden on Ginger for his "gut feel" to have tried to help Gus. So he stepped in to lead the beautification process, plotting with Carlos to have things done by the time Ginger returned from her other project.

"It's your listing dude"

Plumber VanceGetting the house ready for sale went quite quickly and smoothly. They discovered a leak in the front yard, so Richard called on Vance to take care of it. A handy man turned salesman, Vance was up the task, as if he did it quickly, he would also get the listing. Was pretty cool watching Vance "dig in" and get his hands dirty between two sales calls. Yet another example of the "team player" attitude that seems to permeate Trademark.

Who's the Snake?

SnakedVance like snakes. And a snake is yet another animal Richard does not like. Two episodes now where the Trademark team has dealt with snakes. A little symbolism there? Not to name names, but there are those initials, "A" and "E".


I have more respect for Richard now, having seen where he was not able to help someone help themselves, than when seeing him initially try to help Gus. Through the whole process, he still really tried to have some faith in Gus, as he said, "I'm not an investor in real estate, I'm an investor in people". I also much admired that throughout his dealings with Gus, he remained respectful and professional.

I hope someday Gus finds a way to get his car back and repay Richard for what he tried to do.

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