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Episode three changed gears siginificantly, focusing on Trademark's skills as a sales marketing team. The trick this time was not to flip a single house, but sell 300 units in a condo community. Rather than fast construction and house rehab, this episode focused on a 30 day marketing blitz and huge coordination.

Dawn Returns!

Team TrademarkDawn, a fierce presence in past shows on that other network, returned in this episode, burdened with an incredibly daunting task. As the Project Work Coordinator, in this instance, it meant coordinating the entire Trademark Team and 300 units to the never before achieved goal of selling 50 million in one day.

As promised, in this episode, there was a big diversion from the themes of the past. There was also the chance to see many familiar faces from previous shows. Could call this one the Turbo Team Trademark, as more than ever, the depth and breadth of their little company that could, was illustrated.

Shine Job

Richard, Ginger, DanWhile Dawn coordinated the marketing blitz, Richard, Ginger and Dan went to work to soup up one of the condos and drastically improve its appeal. The goal here was not only to sell it first, but provide an example of a owned home as opposed to a rented home. After Ginger and Richard went through and made decisions about the upgrades, it was once again on Dan to oversee the action. And once again, he did a great job.

Dawn in Action

Dawn on vacationDawn did not seem to have too good of time on her vacation. Unfortunately, her vacation came at about the worst time ever, and she ended up cutting it mighty short. Amazing she even tried really with that kind of deal going on.

She returned and dealt with some vague lawyer stuff, which was magically settled off camera. One can only imagine what might have gone on to get passed that hurdle. Probably definitely not suitable even for cable guidelines. Miss Battlesstar Galactica as much as me? I bet Dawn and Richard had their own dogfight with cylon lawyers.

agent lovePerhaps it went something like her scolding of Vance for tardiness.

I found this one an awfully interesting and exciting episode. Very intriguing to see other aspects of what Trademark is all about, and nice to see a "flip" show, expand its boundaries a bit. Also enjoyed seeing familiar faces, and hope to see more of the other folks.

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