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In Brief

Trademark renovates a house for one of their own at cost. Team dynamics are tested.

The Team Project

George EasonTrademark's IT Coordinator, George, deals with the purchase of his first home, and the demands of company growth on his one man department. When he began, the company was small, but its quick growth, left him feeling greatly overwhelmed.

It created a difficult situation, as common in all start-ups, where success and growth can either press an individual to learn and grow with it, or be replaced by people with a more experienced skill set. It seemed Richard wanted to push George to evolve into a new role, rather than hand off to someone else.

Lead by Example

The HouseWhen things looked rocky for George, and he seemed to think he was on the way out, Richard instead, invested in him. At cost, Richard and team renovated a home for George as a way to show their support for him and illustrate what a team, by delegating tasks, could do.

Small Steps

George's house was quickly renovated serving to impress him deeply in seeing how much could be accomplished by asking for help. Additionally, it served as giving back to George who had fielded so many complaints and difficulties with the company's growing technical needs.

And then there is Ginger

Dog daysGinger was again a mighty interesting and entertaining element to the renovations and the show in general. Her seemingly endless lists of abilities grew yet again as she became dog rescuer, leadership example, good friend and cleaning lady. Her willingness and ability to jump in to help where ever needed is really amazing.

Even as she was frustrated with George about the tech problems, she still worked very hard to make his house right. Her ability to delegate work and manage so many players is quite impressive, and I hope even though the subject manner is different, George can learn from her management skills to build his own team instead of trying to take it all on himself.

The Master Plan

Richard mentioned his plans for growth of Trademark more explicitly in this episode. Additionally, their web site now has a section about finding partners nationwide. One of the toughest things in a start-up is finding the right people with stellar qualifications and a passion to work hard to create something exceptional. Over the past few episodes, the show had been striking me as a lot about PR for Trademark. This one could easily have been titled "Be all you can be" in its pretty pronounced PR schtick. Yet at the same time, I can respect it. If you got it, flaunt it.

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