Branching Out

And now the World...

In Brief

About Trademark's expansion and the purchase and polishing of a building in downtown Charleston to use as a sort of retail realty location.

139 North Market Street

The two faces of the new buildingTrademark purchases a historic building in downtown Charleston as the first step towards bigger, better and definitely broader company. The building is somewhat symbolic of Trademark's and Richard Davis' personal Manifest Destiny - the beginning of their quest to go coast to coast.

Ginger say: "This is really important to Richard because it is kinda like his launching pad, you know. He's been building this prototype for 15 years and now its perfect. This is kind of like the first step out, the first step off the James Island is to Charleston and from here we go all over the country. So I think he's really excited. He's like been warming up for a marathon for 15 years and now he's ready to run."

"It could be 5,028"

Water damageObstacle one in the new purchase was a major leak from the sky. Richard arrived to find much water splattered about the beautiful hard wood floors, and set about discovering the source of the leak. He explained knocking a hole in the ceiling to find the leak cost about 28 dollars, but fixing the ceiling could be 5,000. Probably quite a rough guestimate.

"Normal people work during the day..."

The Usual HeroesIn addition to the ceiling drippage, there was much to accomplish in the usual impossibly short amount of time. The usual team players stepped up to the challenge, Carlos of Aponte Painting in a cool hat, worked from the crack of dawn to well into the next morning.

Vance showed up to again get his hands dirty, and as per norm, there was Ginger in the thick of it all, lending her seemingly endless and diverse abilities.

Vance say: "I'm living a dream, I really am."

They clean up nice

Trademark dressed upBuilding polished and gorgeous, the festivities and challenges were ready to begin. Ginger say: "this just means so much to Richard and I think everybody there was genuinely happy to know that, that we're seeing this man who is such a visionary accomplishing his goals and finding his dreams and that we're all actually able to help him with it and it's just a good feeling."

Episode Ten shows the start

At the end of the episode, the team walked to a theatre announcing "The Real Deal". So sort of makes more sense that they were also celebrating the show as part of their national expansion. As next week starts some reruns, and Richard's speaking engagement and book has been announced, it seems stage two of their conquest has begun.

It seems to me the show might take on a very different turn with the new episodes. The stage seems to be set to focus more on the business of real estate generally, than merely house flipping. As the traffic to this site has increased every week, I'd say they've set the stage well, and have captured the interest of America. Trademark seems to have a host of pretty amazing people, and I for one, look forward to following what they do next.

End Note: Kevin Molony

Kevin Molony & Richard DavisHave noticed many inquiries about what ever happened to Kevin, who was great fun in some of the shows on that other network. Found this picture taken at John Davis' 40th B-day party. So it seems their friendship continues.

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