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Concession Stand Flip

In Brief

Trademark takes the lead in the renovation of a concession stand for a high school football stadium, with the aid of the community and students.

The High School

James Island Charter High SchoolTrademark is contacted in regards to fixing up an aging and bug infested high school concession stand. As per norm, they have little time to accomplish it.

"Let's flip a concession stand". The task not only maxed out Trademark's contribution, but required the help and donations of their subcontractors as well as the school's community and students.

Boosting the Boosters

Pre-game Show with the boostersTrademark met with the Boosters who usually ran the concession stand. They made a list of requirements as well as dreams to make the best possible improvements. With the input and direction from the Boosters, Trademark would fit it into a budget and orchestrate the makeover.

Teems of Teams

The Student teams help outDan stepped in first to clean the place and demolish rotted shelving. He enlisted the assistance of the baseball team. Later, to move kitchen equipment, Richard hijacked the football team. The students athletes were fast and efficient in their assistance, and were a big help in getting things ready in time for the game.

Dueling Johns

Dueling JohnsJohn Davis was initially called in to assist with the kitchen set-up and purchasing of equipment. His budget was huge. Needing to work out something else, Ginger went to see old pal John Keener of the Crab House. Trademark had helped him with his restaurant in a show on that other network. John came in and got the costs of things way down, and was far more experienced in running a kitchen. He worked with the Boosters and helped them make things even more efficient.

Ginger had a few hilarious quotes this show. In regards to one John replacing the other, she said, "we kinda forgot to tell John Davis that we were doing that". Kinda forgot?

Later, when things got a little tense towards the end, she explained, "people get mad and things get said that maybe shouldn't". Maybe kinda.

Ginger sure did seem to get an awful lot done in this project. She really must have meant business as she attended in low heeled boots instead of her trademark stilettos. Her haggling with all the contractors for donates was quite impressive. Not to mention all the tasks she did throughout the project. Go Ginger!

Wet Richard

Ginger best task was at the end though, after yet another successful renovation. It's hard to see exactly, but it looks like Vance was her partner in crime for this.

Coming up on Richard Got Richard

It's amazing how many people Richard seems to know. The amount of things he manages to accomplish seems to be proof of the teamwork ethic he professes. There is just no other way he could possibly have time to be into so many things.

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